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Welcome to Maralook

Recent News

March 11th - Maralook's source is now available on GitHub.

March 11th - Item database has been updated to the Heartless box. Check the wishlist for everything new.

Item Search

The Item Search allows you to search a Marapets item to find any collected pricing history. Records are generated upon user lookup, so if an item does not have any history, it may mean the item is not searched for often or it does not appear in the Shop Search often.

Price Search

The Price Search allows you to search a price range. Just put in a minimum and maximum and Maralook will report the items that fall in that range. From the search page, you will be able to purchase the item from the Shop Search, or view it on Maralook first. Price is determined on the last time the item was looked up, so actual pricing may vary.